Live A Healthier Future:
Eat According To Your Body’s Natural Wisdom

A Simple Approach To Easily Follow Your Genetic Destiny By Eating Well
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You’re an intelligent person. Obviously, you know how to eat to be healthy, right?

Chances in today’s ‘wired for knowledge’ society are… not so much.

Here’s a phrase that I learned in chiropractic school way back when that informs much of my work today:

The body is a self-healing, self-regulating mechanism.
It needs no help – but it needs no interference.

Most of us spend our lifetimes creating interference in our bodies that robs us of valuable energy and life force vitality.

What you put in your mouth is your body’s fuel.


It may seem natural to follow the advice of most dieticians and doctors, the ‘Food Pyramid’, or some other diet designed to guide our food intake.

But if today’s eating style is so ‘natural’, why are heart disease, diabetes, obesity, auto-immune and inflammatory diseases INCREASING in Western society?

The simple answer: because your genes are not designed to eat a modern “healthy” diet! 

In fact, when you do, you’re actually interfering with the body’s innate healing and regulating abilities.

It’s just plain ironic that we don’t know how to eat after being on the planet for over 100,000 years as a species…

PaleoWisdom In A Nutshell

Your genes are essentially the same as the ones carried by your ancestors at least 40,000 years ago in the Paleolithic Era when everybody was a hunter – gatherer.

Basically, they ate what they hunted and what they gathered. They didn’t raise animals or cultivate crops; instead, they moved with the rhythm of life to get their nutrition from the land.

A mere 10,000 years ago, humans decided to cultivate food through agriculture, purposely growing grains and legumes for food. They also started raising animals for their milk and meat, and fed these animals grain as their food source.

In other words, the whole food chain got disrupted 10,000 years ago through the infusion of an unnatural substance that was outside the natural body’s fuel system – grain!

Caveman Drawings

The Big Issue?
Our Bodies STILL Haven’t Evolved!

Genetic evolution can take some time to catch up. And our bodies are still trying – 10,000 years later!!!

Scientists say that our genes have not yet evolved to tolerate the lectins and phytates (the “anti-nutrients” that prevent the absorption of vitamins and minerals) present in large quantities in grains and legumes. (And some also say that we haven’t evolved to tolerate the milk of any species other than our own either, but that’s another story.)

Essentially, any food that didn’t exist in the Paleolithic Era adds interference to the smooth functioning of our body’s systems.

Of course, that’s anything processed, refined, sugar-added, dairy-based, grains and legumes. (Preservatives, chemicals, food dyes and genetically modified foods go without saying.)

Simply put, Paleo, or “primal’, foods are low in processing, high in nutritional content and raise blood sugar minimally. 

This includes meat, fish, seafood, fowl, eggs, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables – preferably from organic, free-range, pesticide-free sources.

Most people put more thought into their car’s maintenance than they do into what they eat every day!

Their car runs great while their body – the very thing that drives the car and is transported and takes them through their lives every moment of every day – doesn’t have the right fuel to run well.

Are YOU As Healthy As You Want To Be?

Unless you said yes, it’s time to get a fresh perspective on how to honor your body’s wisdom.
To Honoring Your Body’s Natural Wisdom ~


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